Dave C’s Amazing Review

‘A revolution in home grinding.’ ‘The grind quality is so good and the dosing is so accurate…’

Cupper Joe Testimonial

‘There are only a handful of grinders that I’ve used or heard of which can do similar. That is very low retention and a full range of grind settings.’

Ashton Syphas Testimonial

‘I find the Niche effortless to use, with its quiet running and it being super easy to dial in the grind ‘

Edgcumbes Testimonial

‘It’s a work horse, its quiet, does not take up much space and looks amazing too! Every café should have one.’

James Wise Testimonial

‘Its top 3 selling points become apparent incredibly fast. First thing you’ll notice is how quiet it is in relation to its competition…’

Tides Roastery Testimonial

‘I’ve used a fair few grinders both commercial and domestic and in so many ways this just outshines them all’

Enterprise Europe Network Article

‘The secret lies largely in the high-quality grinding burrs – normally only found in top-end commercial machines…’

Southsea Coffee Testimonial

‘It’s an all-round great piece of equipment in which every detail has been thought about.”

Talk Coffee Article

‘We think this will be the perfect grinder for many home users and we can’t wait to see ours.’

Perfect Daily Grind Article

‘Niche will absolutely blow away any grinder up to £800 and totally match any grinder of £1200.’

Coffee Lab Zurich Article

‘Since there is almost no dead space in the Niche Zero in which coffee is deposited, it is great for experimenting.’

Daily Coffee News Article

‘A new grinder of British design is making its way toward the market, promising to bring numerous professional-level features…’

Long And Short Article

‘You are having the freshest coffee every time as stale coffee is not retained in the machine that can hinder flavour.’

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