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About Us

The Best Coffee Grinder

A unique blend of features coming together in a stylish design to bring you the best possible tasting coffee.

No Retained Grind

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Coffee Bean


Coffee Bean


Coffee Bean


Coffee Bean


Coffee Bean

Problems with Current Grinders

Lots of retained grind tainting your next brew ✕

You don’t know how much coffee to grind ✕

Noisy due to high burr speeds ✕

Smaller burrs (unless you spend +£1000) ✕

Chutes & chamber where grind collects & goes stale ✕

Up to 33% wastage of your beans ✕

Low quality materials ✕

Industrial looks ✕

Grinds straight into portafilter or collector ✕

Bulky and heavy ✕

High end grinders too tall to fit under cupboards ✕

Beans kept in storage hopper ✕

Advantages of the Niche Zero Grinder

Virtually no retained grind ✓

Always the right quantity of fresh ground coffee ✓

Quiet (72db at 1m) due to optimum burr speed ✓

Large 63mm conical burrs ✓

Straight through grind path, no residue or stale grind ✓

No wastage of valuable beans ✓

Premium materials ✓

Stylish looks ✓

Grind cup to transfer to portafilter ✓

Compact footprint & optimum weight ✓

Fits under wall cupboards ✓

Beans added when needed ✓

Martin’s Story

Martin Nicholson likes a challenge.

He looks at things and imagines how they could be made better. He thinks and designs; he builds and invents. He has many patents to his name, on everything from gearboxes to food processors. He loves really good coffee.

It occurred to Martin that the basic design of the coffee grinder hadn’t changed since the 1950’s – and most other technologies have changed almost beyond recognition in that time span.

Martin saw an opportunity to design and build a revolutionary coffee grinder incorporating game-changing technology and he saw an opportunity to bring coffee grinding of the highest professional standards within reach of everyone who loves truly great coffee.

Team Niche

Martin, Annie & James Nicholson

Team Niche

Martin, Annie & James Nicholson

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