British Coffee Grinder – The Niche Zero

British Coffee Grinder - The Niche Zero (Latte Art)

Currently there are no British electric coffee grinders on the market. This is surprising as coffee is the second largest import worldwide (6.3 trillion kg were imported in 2015 alone).

According to British Coffee Association:

  • In the UK, we drink approximately 55 million cups of coffee per day.
  • Ground coffee and single-serve coffee pods are becoming increasingly popular, particularly amongst millennials (aged 16 – 34) who account for 16% of all buyers.
  • On the high street, café culture has also continued to boom, 80% of people who visit coffee shops do so at least once a week, whilst 16% of us visit on a daily basis.

This shows that as a nation we are becoming increasingly aware of the quality of our coffee. Many people are still unaware that you cannot get the best quality coffee if you are using a grinder which retains grind or burns the grounds. A British grinder would give you the confidence that it has been made with care, attention to detail and is of very good quality. It would give you a product to be proud of. The Niche Zero has been meticulously designed in Britain to offer the highest quality grind:

  • Virtually zero retained grind
  • Great dose consistency
  • High quality 63mm conical burrs
  • Easy to use and adjust
  • Very quiet
  • Premium materials
  • Excellent coffee taste

Ensuring your beans are ground with a high quality grinder is just as important as purchasing good quality beans. Not only does the Niche Zero offer a superior grinding experience, it’s a British coffee grinder that has been made with the user in mind.