Niche Zero - The Quiet Coffee Grinder

Niche Zero - The Quiet Coffee Grinder

If you are the only person awake in your home, you will likely be hesitant about grinding coffee with current grinders, due to their excessive noise. Handheld grinders are slow and tedious to use which means most people prefer electronic grinders. Coffee brewing should be as enjoyable as drinking the coffee itself. How can this be possible when current motored grinders make such an annoying racket? The Niche Zero has been meticulously designed to be a quiet coffee grinder. Moreover, it can be used for a full range of brew methods and retains virtually zero grind.

The Niche Zero’s single dose design means you only grind the beans you actually need - no more, no less. As well as being significantly quieter than other electronic grinders, the design means that it will be on for less time.

How is the Niche Zero such a quiet coffee grinder?

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By optimising the burr speed, the noise level has been significantly reduced making your coffee brewing a more tranquil and enjoyable experience. Most burrs rotate at around 1500 RPM, making them noisy and the burrs hot enough to burn your grounds. The Niche Zero’s larger 63mm burrs rotate at the optimum speed for delivering cool, precision ground coffee and noticeably quieter than most other grinders. The resilient mounted gear box further adds to the quietness of the Niche Zero.

So the Niche Zero might well be the answer to quietly creating that quality cup of early morning joe.