Why your coffee tastes bitter & how to avoid stale coffee

Why your coffee tastes bitter & how to avoid stale coffee

The reason your coffee tastes bitter is mostly due to the use of stale beans and grind. Coffee beans contain aromatic oils which are volatile and once in contact with oxygen they become stale. Ensuring your coffee grinder does not retain grind and correctly storing your coffee beans are essential for making truly fresh, great tasting coffee every time. Learn how you can change the bitter taste in coffee in our quick and easy guide below.

The reason your coffee tastes bitter

Treat coffee right and you can appreciate its finest qualities, treat it wrong and it will punch you in the palate. Preparation is key to making the best tasting coffee and avoiding the bitter taste.

Stale coffee: how long does the process take?

Fresh roasted coffee is usually sold in airtight bags with a one-way non-return valve which allows CO² gas given off by the beans to be vented. 

As you may know, air tight bags will keep your coffee beans fresh for about 3 months. However, once opened the beans are best stored in an airtight container and used within 7 days. If left in the bag, it should be kept sealed when possible and used within 3-7 days.

Ground coffee is even more fragile and goes off within minutes so it is important to grind only the amount you need just before brewing your chosen coffee drink. Fresh coffee has exquisite tastes and when ground the aromas are compelling. If made correctly using fresh ground coffee, there is no bitter taste which needs to be masked by sugar and milk. It is important that having sourced your expensive coffee beans you can enjoy the full flavour of the whole bag.

The issue of retained grind, bitter coffee and wasted coffee beans

It is very important that coffee beans are not wasted when grinding. Firstly, some coffee beans are expensive and they have all travelled a long way. Secondly retained grind can taint subsequent coffees with bitter grind. The best thing you can do to avoid bitter coffee is to use fresh beans in a grinder that does not retain grind.

It is estimated that almost 1/3 of your coffee beans are wasted. This is due to grind getting stuck in the internal grind path of conventional grinders. Surely then, it is imperative that we find a way of grinding that ensures every bean is freshly ground. This would make it possible to measure out just the amount of beans you want, just when you want to use them and get all of those same beans back.

It is not efficient or easy to purge standard coffee grinders for trapped, stale grind and guessing when you have ground enough coffee. Unnecessary tasks such as these waste vast amounts of your money, time and it also impacts our planet. It is issues such as these that are at the very heart of Niche. We’ve found a solution to the age-old problem of why coffee tastes bitter. Our new Niche Zero coffee grinder retains virtually zero grind and has been meticulously designed over many years to enable you to get the freshest and best tasting coffee every time.