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Always drink fresh coffee 

Perfect coffee always starts with fresh ground beans. Traditional grinders trap grind, tainting the flavours of your next coffee brew. You wouldn't eat stale bread, so why drink stale coffee. With no virtually retained grind, the Niche Zero Grinder always delivers the freshest grind.

Full flavour coffee every time.


The quietest grinder available 

Most burrs rotate at around 1500 RPM, which makes them noisy and hot enough to burn your grounds. Our larger burrs rotate at the optimum speed for delivering cool, precision ground coffee and up to 5 times quieter than many other grinders.

No more noisy grinding. 


Absolute ease of use

Your coffee experience is meant to be relaxing and pleasurable. However current grinders are unnecessarily complex to use. Now you can just dial in, weigh your beans, flick a switch and watch all your beans being expertly ground by the Niche Zero Grinder.

Making coffee a simple pleasure


Save money long term

Top quality coffee beans are expensive and precious. Traditional grinders are wasteful because they need constant purging and cleaning. With the Niche Zero Grinder every bean gets used, virtually every grain of grind leaves the grinder. Time for eco friendly, full yield grinding.

Time for you to start saving.

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Infinite grind size control

Our optimised grind thread gives you total control over your grind size, making all your coffee brewing a truly bespoke and personal experience. The Niche Zero’s grind dial is light to operate and infinitely adjustable, giving you full grind range from espresso to French press.

Take control of your coffee. 


63mm commercial grade burrs

Burrs are the machine parts that do the grinding. Our large industrial-grade burrs have been carefully selected to have twice the grind area of standard burrs.  The Niche Zero Grinder’s burrs deliver outstanding quality whilst leaving your grind unburnt and tasting great.

Cool, quiet, calm grinding.


The smallest professional grinder 

Accessibility is key for quick and efficient grinding. Current grinders are bulky, taking up way too much space and often not fitting under average cabinet heights (50cm). But not the Niche Zero Grinder - designed with innovative cord storage in the base and no hopper.

Perfect for your environment.


Built with premium materials

The Niche Zero Grinder is a premium-quality product built from the finest materials  and to the highest standards. It’s a product you will be proud to own and use. The Niche Zero Grinder's classic design is complimented by an all metal body and solid, oak features.

Quality never goes out of style.


The Niche Zero Grinder has launched on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo.

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