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See the Niche Zero Grinder in action





So, what’s the difference between the Niche Zero Grinder and traditional grinders?

Here’s a quick guide.

Problems with Current Grinders 

Lots of retained grind tainting your next brew ✕

You don’t know how much coffee to grind ✕

Noisy due to high burr speeds ✕

Smaller burrs (unless you spend +£1000) ✕

Chutes & chamber where grind collects & goes stale ✕

Up to 33% wastage of your beans ✕

Low quality materials ✕

Industrial looks ✕

Grinds straight into portafilter or collector ✕

Bulky and heavy ✕

High end grinders too tall to fit under cupboards ✕

Beans kept in storage hopper ✕

Advantages of the Niche Zero Grinder

Virtually no retained grind ✓

Always the right quantity of fresh ground coffee ✓

Quiet (72db at 1m) due to optimum burr speed ✓

Large 63mm conical burrs ✓

Straight through grind path, no residue or stale grind ✓

No wastage of valuable beans ✓

Premium materials ✓

Stylish looks ✓

Grind cup to transfer to portafilter ✓

Compact footprint & optimum weight ✓

Fits under wall cupboards ✓

Beans added when needed ✓



How it works

  1. The Niche Zero Grinder’s body is comprised of sleek aluminium casting and finished off with a solid hardwood trim, giving you a look of timeless quality. 
  2. The Niche Zero Grinder is driven by a powerful DC motor and gearbox, ensuring optimum burr speeds and quiet operation.
  3. The Niche Zero Grinder’s professional 63mm conical burrs are infinitely adjustable, offering you a range of grind sizes.
  4. The straight grind path goes directly into your stainless steel grind cup. It is perfect for weighing your coffee beans and easily transferring your grind to a portafilter. 


Width 122mm
Length 211mm
Height 311mm
Grind Speed 1 gram/sec
Weight 4.1kg / 9lb
Dose Consistency* Less than +/- 0.2g

(*Based on independent test data)


Body Aluminium
Burrs Hardened Steel
Trim Real Oak Wood
Burrs size time frame 1.52-1.55.JPG









The Niche Zero Grinder has launched on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo.

To find out more, click order now and sign up here.