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Simply Delicious

Delicious coffee can only be made with quality beans that have been freshly ground – fact. Thanks to the Niche Zero Grinder’s unique design, virtually no grind is retained. Only fresh grind is delivered, ready for your next aromatic brew.  This means you are able to extract all the flavour from every bean, resulting in exquisite coffee that tastes better than ever.

Barista Quality

Baristas are able to make great coffee consistently. Our aim is to help you do the same. The Niche Zero Grinder’s patented design gives you increased levels of control over the quantity, quality and freshness of your grind. This makes it easier for you to accurately control the variables and confidently brew like a barista.

pleasure to use

We have found that coffee grinders tend to be rather noisy and complicated to use. This can make preparing coffee more of a chore than a pleasure. With its optimized burr speed and simple controls, the Niche Zero Grinder has been designed to quietly deliver you fresh grind without the headache. Our aim is to give everyone a delightful coffee brewing experience.

respect your coffee

Like bread, coffee goes stale. However, once ground, coffee starts to go stale and lose its flavour in only a few seconds. With this in mind, the Niche Zero Grinder has been developed to deliver precise amounts of the freshest ground coffee, ready for immediate use. To us, every bean counts, so Niche strives to help you unleash all the flavour from all your beans.

Coffee your way

Most grinders aren’t able to grind for all brewing methods and their adjustment process can be tedious and time consuming. Niche Zero Grinder’s premium 63mm conical burrs and stepless adjustment mechanism solves these issues. This allows you to effortlessly switch between different grind profiles.  Experience a complete range of brews from espresso to French press and beyond, with minimal effort.
So how does it work?

Watch this video to see just how simple using the Niche Zero is.

What the Pros think

The Niche Zero has been out and about across the UK.
Here’s what the coffee experts have been saying about it.

‘A revolution in home grinding. The grind quality is so good and the dosing is so accurate…’

Dave Corby

UK Coffee Forum Expert

‘Its top 3 selling points become apparent incredibly fast. First thing you’ll notice is how quiet it is in relation to its competition…’
James Wise

UK Coffee Masters Champion, Volcano Coffee Works

‘It’s a work horse, its quiet, does not take up much space  and looks amazing too!
Every café should have one.’
Chris Rendle

Director, Edgcumbes Coffee Roasters

‘It’s an all-round great piece of equipment in which every single detail has been thought about.’
Southsea Coffee

Baristas at Southsea Coffee

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