"I feel charmed by this grinder. I just really like it. I like the way it's built, I like the design thinking behind it. I think it's really enjoyable to use."
"There is no other 'all in one' grinder that even comes remotely close"
— Jim Schulman from Home Barista
"In short, I think it’s brilliant. If I wanted a big flat burr, single dose grinder, I’d buy the Niche Duo."

Niche Zero

Using 63mm premium conical burrs, the Niche Zero delivers barista quality coffee grinds with unrivalled simplicity. Ideal for coffee lovers looking for incredible tasting coffee with minimum hassle.

Niche Duo

Designed for use with 2 specialised 83mm burrs that achieve ultimate grinding precision - one set engineered for exceptional espresso and the other for flawless filter brewing.

Making great coffee simple

Our coffee grinders are designed with a clear goal in mind - to make delicious coffee simple. Use the stepless dial to adjust your grind size setting, pour in your beans and flick the switch. It's as easy as that to achieve consistently excellent coffee.

Unlock every single flavour

The patented straight-through grind path design ensures that virtually no coffee is retained by the grinder. This allows you to weigh your dose and confidently trust that every bit of fresh flavour has been ground.

At home anywhere

A unique and stylish design complimented by high quality materials, including solid oak features. Our coffee grinders look equally stunning on either a modern brew bar or in a traditional kitchen.

An absolute joy to use

It’s important to enjoy something if you’re doing it regularly, which is why our coffee grinders are crafted to make the process one you will love. Small, compact grinders that are quiet and mess free. What’s not to love?

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