Barista quality coffee grinding

Baristas are able to make great coffee consistently. We’re passionate about helping you do the same. The Niche Zero’s patented design gives you increased levels of control over the quantity, quality and freshness of your grind - making it easier for you to accurately manage the variables and confidently brew like a barista.

A few of our customer testimonials

"I've upgraded my Rancilio Rocky to a Niche Zero and am blown away by the ease of use"
— W. Masselink
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"So happy and already dialed in 3 different coffees. The Niche is so versatile and looks beautiful too"
— Luis Rozas
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"Every shot I’ve pulled using the Niche has been delicious and dialling in was so simple"
— Orla Houlihan
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"I didn’t expect this quality, but I'm really surprised with this high end grinder. Well done guys"
— Mohamed Adel Elgendy
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"Superb machine - quiet, easy to use and the grind cup is so good for my new Gaggia Classic"
— Geoff Hearn
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"Silent, efficient and impeccably gorgeous. My wife loves it, the kitchen looks better"
— Nikos Korfiatis
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"It’s solidly built and looks very elegant. Most importantly, it grinds consistently and produces a beautiful espresso!"
— Danny Grody
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"Blown away with the quality and aesthetics, despite having had high expectations"
— Luke Tregidgo
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"I love good design, especially when it functions equally good as it looks! It never fails to grind my beans consistently"
— Sebastian Franzen
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"My pour overs now look like all the coffee gurus on youtube, and my espresso is tasting fantastic!"
— Jacob Porter
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"It is enabling us to make quality filter/espresso while trying out beans from different roasters. I really love the workflow!"
— Joe So
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"The consistency of grind and quality of shots are on a different level. The efficiency and ease of use is genuinely a design masterclass"
— Russell Goldman 
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"It has made espresso-making a joy in comparison to hand grinding. Zero retention as advertised"
— Ali Al Rahma
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"My coffee that I previously thought was the ‘beans’ is now stunning, can’t believe the difference the Niche has made"
— Tony Bates
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"My shots are more stable and the taste is much better than with my old grinder"
— Enrico Kissling
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Why use the Niche Zero?

Deliciously fresh coffee

The single dosing Niche Zero has been designed to maximise the freshness of your grind. Professional 63mm conical burrs and a patented, straight through design ensure virtually zero grind retention, helping deliver every bit of flavour from your beans.

Exactly to your taste

The Niche Zero’s stepless grind dial allows you to easily change grind consistency for a range of brewing methods. It’s as simple as selecting your grind size, pouring in your pre-weighed beans and flicking the switch.

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