Niche Zero

Niche Zero


The best conical burr coffee grinder.

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The Niche Zero is a single dosing coffee grinder, with premium 63mm conical burrs, designed to deliver the highest quality grind.

Use the infinite dial adjustment to carefully select the grind setting for your desired brew and then pour your beans into the funnel and flick the switch – quick and simple.

Thanks to its patented straight through design, virtually no grind is retained in the grinder. Having extracted all of the flavour from every bean you’ll be ready to create barista quality coffee every single time.

Everything you need to get started with coffee grinding:

  • Niche Zero grinder with the Niche Flow Control Disc pre-installed and premium oak features
  • 58mm grind cup, the perfect accompaniment for most portafilters
  • Socket driver
  • Cleaning brush
  • User manual

Please note that orders placed now are due for shipping in August 2021.

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Width: 122mm
Length: 211mm
Height: 311mm
Grind speed: 1 gram/sec
Weight: 4.1kg / 9lb
Dose consistency: Less than +/- 0.2g*
Materials: Aluminium body, Hardened steel burrs, Real oak trim
Burr size: 63mm conical burrs
Noise: 72dB during grinding
Infinite grind dial
Safety interlocking lid: The Niche Zero will only grind when the lid is closed

*Based on independent test data.

Plug types

UK and UK Export - G type plug 220-240v/50-60hz.
US - B type plug 110v/60Hz.
EU - F type Euro plug 220-240v/50-60hz.
AUS - I Type plug 220-240v/50-60hz.