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Customer testimonials

Amazing Grinder, love the quality!!!

Michael Bohmlander

Fantastic grinder – now i now how important a good grinder is. My Zero came saturday its so amazing my shots are more stable and the taste is much better than with my old grinder thanks a lot niche for that beauty :-)

Enrico Kissling

I received my Niche Zero a week ago and I am in love with it. Initial impressions: it is the most premium, well made appliance I have ever used. It is sturdy, quick to grind, and much quieter than other grinders I have used (kg79/ Virtuoso+).

Ciaran Dorney

A big step up from the Baratza Encore.

David Silva

It’s AMAZING. So quiet, solid. Grind is SOOOOO fine. Super satisfying, exceeding expectations!

Richard Singer

Just pulled my first couple of shots with my new Niche, happy days! :D Excellent little grinder, 100% worth the long wait

Artemus Gordon

Just received my black Niche zero (march) in NYC. Gorgeous as expected! Very happy with shipping and delivery. Going to use it for the very first time :) Thanks Niche team!

Mehdi Mollahosseini

I received my Niche Zero some months ago and I am absolutely excited. I use it daily. This grinder is just amazing :-)


Thanks to Martin Nicholson and others. The grinder definitely worth its money.

Spartak Mouraov

Had my niche for about 3 days and can’t wait for my daily coffee now. I jumped from a Rocky to this and the leap in coffee quality is as big, if not bigger, than the one from blade grinder to the Rocky. It is amazing.

Andrew Copsey

Ive upgraded my Rancilio Rocky to a Niche Zero and am blown away by the ease of use. At any given type I would have 2 or 3 different beans going and 2 or 3 brew methods. While previously this required regular purging, with the niche zero this has been completely eliminated. It does exactly what it says on the tin, a quality grind with virtually zero retention.

Wouter Masselink

My shots are more stable and the taste is much better than with my old grinder thanks a lot niche for that beauty

Enrico Kissling

Absolutely love using the NZ to dial in the perfect cup of coffee for the several types of coffee beans I’m trying out. Such a pleasure. It’s an expensive investment for making delicious coffee and moreso for some post Brexit but it’s worth it in my opinion.


Got my NZ just now. Just had an expresso and now I can hear colours! Simple machine but well put together and feels very solid. Nice job

Andrew Shepherd

I’m using it for almost 6 months now and what I can say that you will never find such a unique and great grinder like it. I didn’t expect the its quality but really I’m surprised with this high end grinder. Well done guys and stay safe.

Mohamed Adel Elgendy

One grinder to rule them all? Yes! Prior to my Niche, I had a dedicated espresso grinder (Mahlkonig) and drip/press (Baratza Virtuoso) because it was so awkward to change grinder settings and beans. The Niche Zero neatly solves both challenges. I love the single dose workflow, and it is made possible because the Niche is so reliable switching between grind settings. Repeatability is spot on — if grinding espresso at 13 then drip at 32, when I go back to 13 my shot time doesn’t budge.

cg phillips

Have been using the Niche Zero now for almost a year and couldn’t be happier with the coffee grinder. It’s very intuitive and easy to use. Mainly using it for espresso now, but it also does an excellent job at coarser grinds. Furthermore, it looks good and really fits into our kitchen.

Thomas de Jong

I’ve had my Niche a few months now and I love it. As well as being a superb grinder it’s the best-looking piece of equipment in my kitchen.

Ann Seymour

It has nice presence, there but not bulky, and the narrower footprint is pleasant. The grind cup is heftier and thicker than expected – nice and solid! I like it. Also, I didn’t know it would come with a coffee brush! That’s a cool little surprise. Had a chance to try it this morning, and the workflow was fantastic! The resulting shot was excellent, with noticeably better extraction with my bottomless portafilter. Looking forward to using it again!

Vincent Politzer

I have been using mine for a couple of months now and couldn’t be more pleased. Adjustment is quick and accurate workflow is much easier with no point in weighing the ground coffee just the beans going in. Unexpected bonuses are the lack of mess and not waking the house in the mornings. This is a very well thought out product ideal for the home and much better than the grinders iv’e had before. Makes lovely coffee!

Mr Paul Cowdrey

I received my grinder 2 days ago . I am very happy with the grinder and the workflow. It is really a very good grinder quiet and efficient. No more wasted beans. Thank you Martin for the grinder and hope to see more from you.

Ahmed Abushanab

I received my grinder today. I am beyond pleased! Thank you Martin for taking the time and making this grinder great!

Scott Lannoo

Today I received Niche Zero. The first coffee, the grinder is super … Thank you very much for this product.

Jaroslav Horak

March delivery arrived today, unboxing it was a delight. Simple to set-up and very quiet, works exactly as all the reviews says, totally happy with this, it looks amazing too

Andy Mullaney

Had my NZ since January and could not be more happy. Replaced my K10, work flow is so much faster and the taste in the cup seems to be the same. Happy not to have to sweep out the doser anymore. Retention is zero as claimed. Using a blank portafilter basket over the beans to control pop-corning. Getting great pours from my Quick Mill V2b EVO. Thanks for a great grinder at a fabulous price.

Bill Barrett

Awesome product. Tiny little grinder, nicely built. Very low noise level . Very good grind quality, very homogeneous. So much user-friendly. The hidden cordage is nice to have as well. Very low retention near zero.

Mathieu LOZACH

Just tested the Niche with some supermarket beans in the WayCap ( a Nespresso compatible refillable metal capsule ) in the Breville Creatista and it worked really well. Much better than my old grinder. And so quick when weighting and grinding.

Anthony P

My first electric grinder and it has made espresso-making a joy in comparison to hand grinding. Zero retention as advertised, wonderful build, and utterly simple.

Ali Al Rahma

With just 10 days of experience I can say that I’m super happy with the grinder. Grind quality (only tested Espresso so far) is noticeably better than from my previous grinders (CM80, Rancilio Rocky, La Cimbali Magnum). Quality is great and the packaging is small and neat.


With only a week of experience with Niche Zero and it being my first electric grinder, my recommendation will not carry much weight, but I will give it anyway. Solid, simple, beautiful, quiet … Does its thing as good as it gets! Thank you, Martin!

Dobrin Botev

I’ve had my NZ for about a month now. I love it. Quiet, easy to use, consistent. Dialing in a grind has never been easier. Thanks for a great product.

Randy Roy

What a great product! I tried to find a reliable single dose grinder and this is exactly what I was looking for. Martin, I will recomand your grinder to all fresh coffee lovers. Thanks!

Lucian Alistar

I’ve got my grinder just before Christmas and since then, I have been using it every day. I’ve had some other grinders like Elektra MSC, then Mazzer mini but I like Niche much more. Thanks Martin for the great product!

Slava Uvarov

My grinder got delivered as promised in January! It is actually my first grinder (except some vintage manual ones), I got this because the workflow of single dosing appealed to me. What I like about this grinder is its simplicity in design (no programmable touch screens that will eventually break), the massive conical burrs that move around quietly, and just overall friendly appearance. Great product, easy to use. Kudos to Martin, for creating such a nice device at such a reasonable price!

Bas van Dorp

I started using the grinder this morning and must say it was definitely worth the waiting time. My workflow has improved a great deal and there is no more spilling of grounds. My first impressions are very positive, the quality of both the grinder and the ground are great.

Michiel Singeling

I’ve think this grinder is phenomenal. It easily is the equal of a custom made grinder I own, which costs almost 10x as much (and the Niche is slightly smaller and quieter). The Niche Zero is an excellent buy.


I’ve got my grinder last week and I must say it has surpassed my expectations by far. The entire thing is built like a tank, including the grind cup made from stainless steel, with walls thicker than those of a milk jug (has a nice heft to it, too). It has changed my moka pot brews from “okay with milk, sometimes palatable black” to consistently tasty everytime regardless of the drink being made.

Robertas Maleckas

Hello Martin, today I received the grinder. Thanks for your great work. I love it, it performs its function superbly and is very silent (my family will thank you every morning). Its design is great. Now I will continue learning and enjoying daily cafes.

Ma Luisa Ballesteros Redondo

Hi, Martin and everyone at Niche. Just to say thanks for a fantastic product. The design and work which must have gone into making the grinder must have been very hard but worth if, as everything from the packaging to the finished product has been so well thought out. I will have many years of happy grinding! Thanks again, and continued good luck with your unique product, Tom.

Thomas Chapman

To all the poor ones still waiting: It’s really worth the wait! The grinder is I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E! Thank you! You are an awesome team, and you’ve done something truly unique here.

Piotr Sorobka

Had mine a couple of weeks now. Simply brilliant. It’s completely changed the flavours in my cup for the better and has made the whole process that much easier. So glad I took the plunge all those months ago.

alex clough

A couple of weeks ago my grinder arrived and I’ve been using it on a daily base since. I can honestly say this is beats my old grinders by a mile. The quality of the grind and the evenness is nothing compared to what I was used to previously. Great job team Niche !

Ernst Naezer

Received my Niche Zero a week ago. After a week i can say i absolutely love the grinder. Great grind quality, quiet and no retention! Very happy to have pulled the trigger to back the Niche!

Daan van Duijvenvoorde

My Niche appeared on my front porch in Oz as if by magic on the same day people in the UK were unboxing the first ones. After a couple of weeks of use I am now switching between different espresso beans and filter grinds in a single day without any issues. It has exceeded my expectations and my much loved Sette has been packed off for my son to use. A brilliant job done by the Niche team on a first run product and many thanks to DaveCUK for inspiring us to take the leap.


So proud and happy to have taken part in this project, I’m really delighted with this grinder. Such a clever design, meets all my expectations. Thank you and congratulations!

Pedro Vera

Ok just received mine and gotta admit, build quality is excellent. Grind cup has few bumps here and there but not a big deal, the mashine itself feels and is premium. Grinds really quickly and what had me surprised the most is how quiet it is. I waited a loong time but it is really worth waiting for. Dont hesitate guys and go for this one :-) Thanks Martin + team and i wish you guys in Niche all the best in the future!

Dan Krepelka

That is damn good piece of equipment! Received my Niche week ago and it is indeed worth all this waiting. Congratulation for developing such a product

Pawel Wakarecy

Today it happened! My Niche/EU/White grinder has landed. As soon as I opened the single layer outer box I instantly witnessed the perfectionism that went into this product. The Niche Zero is perfectly packed. A printed dual layer inner box and the Niche itself held in place with custom fit protective material. This is the kind of quality I was always hoping for on other projects but was never received before! Thank you Niche for making a product that lives up to the promise.

Martijn t Sas

Received my Niche last week and so far it has surpassed my expectations. Like a few have already mentioned, it’s solidly built and looks very elegant. Most importantly, it grinds consistently and produces a beautiful espresso! Little to no retention and a definite step up from my Baratza Vario, which says a lot. Very pleased and look forward to delicious coffee in my future! Thanks to the entire Niche team for pulling this off.

Danny Grody

Wow wow wow. All I can say is well done on an exceptional product, I received my Niche Zero last night here in Australia, it took me four shots to dial it in using 18 grams of beans, and I got 18 grams out. The build quality is fantastic, it has a great feel and looks stunning next to my Atom and Rocket,, at last I can now start to enjoy single origin espresso without emptying the Atom each time., thanks guys a very happy customer..

Mr Howard

Our Niche has been received here in Melbourne, Australia with thanks – how exciting to find it waiting for us upon returning from holiday! Initial impressions over the past 48h playing with it are excellent, and it has high WAF (wife acceptance factor ;) Kudos to the team for getting the Niche all the way through to production and for the quality finished result.


Have used the Niche for 3 days and I now understand why experts emphasize the importance of grinders (I have been using a Baratza Forte). There is no comparison. The Niche is much quieter, faster and the coffee (which I roast myself) is smoother/more consistent-much better (comparing the same coffee and method of brewing (single cup Technivorm). The cups are much better. This grinder should become the most popular on the planet for coffee enthusiasts who brew single cups. I am very happy.

David Cohen

Wow! Received my NZ this morning, what a beautiful bit of design & engineering.. and just had the best cup of espresso i’ve had in AGES! Can’t ask for more than that

Robert Geraghty

Loving my new Niche! I must say the customer service is excellent!

Vamsee Challa

I’ve been using my Niche Zero grinder for three days. So far I am impressed overall with the grinder. It is well built, gives consistent coffee grind size and it is a breeze to use compared to the crappy burr grinder I’ve formerly used.

Austin T Goldsmith

I love everything about it the quality of the finish the low noise and the size it takes up on my counter. You guys have done a magnificent job, Congratulations on a really amazing product.

Douglas Spence

I have backed a bunch of projects on indiegogo and other funding platforms. In my experience, many if not most end up in disappointment of some kind. The Niche Zero is an exception. While I won’t call it perfect in my perfectionist eyes, I will say it is fantastic and does everything that it claims it would do. I use it every day and my only headache with it is that the weakest link in my espresso chain has moved from grinder to the espresso machine. Niche Espresso machine on the horizon? :)

Martin Peters

Hi! Got the grinder two days ago, and so far I’ve absolutely zero complaints. It looks great, is quiet, relatively small and very easy to use. I think it’d be a great product in any company’s lineup – but it’s your first product ever, and that makes it even more impressive. Congratulations and best of luck with it, and any future products!

Kamil Leszczuk

Wow.. being a first time grinder maker..this product certainly shows the in-depth past experience of the creators. Very solid built and grind quality is top notch.. just did a demo to my friends and they are all aiming for one too..

Ewan Yick

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I received my Niche zero today, and it really does live up to all expectations. It is quiet, consistent, and finally the tasting notes for coffee beans make sense when drinking espresso.

Tony Lewis

I got my USA white Niche today and it is a fantastic product. Thank you for creating this much needed, market disrupting grinder, Martin and company!

Sean Bridgen

Guys, I’ve been using my Niche for a few weeks and I just want to say it is fantastic! It’s workflow and function are simple and its grind exceptional! It is a dream to use.

Benjamin Wong

Received my white Niche zero about a week ago now. Got everything dialed in for both moka and chemex. Since I tend to make an 850mL Chemex in the morning I had to go quite course, but knowing the time and flavour I was aiming for this took 3 attempts. Great product, amazingly quiet, and looking forward to many years of use.

Wouter Masselink

Thanks, Niche. Arrived before promised, Works perfectly, great grind and much quieter than Imagined.

Andrew Cass

Hello, a few days ago I received my grinder and I can only say that it is perfect, congratulations on the excellent product!

Ivaylo Kyoshev

I received mine a couple of days ago: I only have a few characters to describe how happy I am, but I am very satisfied. The filter coffee went from “nice” to “delicious” (even compared to my Comandante, which has waaay less ground size consistency) with no v60 clogging even when going pretty fine. The espressos comes perfect and the dial makes the process really easy and repeatable. Thanks a lot!

Gregorio Guerrini

Today I received my grinder (US black for December) and that’s great product. You can see the difference in taste of coffee from the first time of using.

Mehrdad Benabbas

My Niche arrived today and I made an aeropress brew with it – lovely stuff. Am so pleased with it. Thanks Martin and team!

Jarrod Lee

My black Niche arrived today (December batch, EU,Germany) … It’s already dialed in and working just fine. Very impressed so far and it’s a real cutie … Thanks a lot Martin and the whole team for your incredible work.

Robert Barz

Received my Niche yesterday in Switzerland :). So happy and already dialed in 3 different coffees for decaf and other tastes in the family. The Niche is so practical for our way and is so versatile!! Looks beautiful too and there have been some good material choices as well (Material Scientist here ;)). I appreciate the hard work put in and the early delivery very much!

Luis Rozas

Hi! I have been using the grinder for several weeks. I am impressed by its simplicity and the fact that it does one thing and it does it very well. It is a pleasure using it.

Gabriel Kovacs

Received my Niche today. Blown away with the quality and aesthetics, despite having had high expectations set by all of the previous positive comments saying just how good it is.

Luke Tregidgo

Kudos to the Niche team. I got my Niche Zero much earlier than expected. The grinder itself is really amazing. Owning an entry level Gaggia Espresso machine makes my life difficult in terms of stability in taste and this little fellow made it work miracles. Persistent quality grind enables me to constantly improve my brew. Great looks too. Keep up the good work.

George Vrettos

No problems with the grinder 1 year on from use and this is truly the best value conical single dose grinder one can buy right now!

Jeremy Tan

thumbs up to @Martin Nicholson for creating a true prosumer line coffee grinder that doesn’t just miniaturise a commercial grinder for home use and retain all the complexity in workflow, but truly creating a true prosumer grade domestic grinder with not only a simplified workflow, but grinds like a beast while looking aesthetically so pleasing, well done!

John Zhang

It’s really, really, really nice and easy to use and to adjust so thank you very much to Martin Nicholson and his team. Really nice work!

Maria Sueiro

I’ve ordered the Niche Zero Black (Canada) for November delivery. It arrived on the 21st of October! This beast is simply AWESOME! Solid build, good quality, quiet, and mighty nice to look at as well! Functional and practical. The 48 mm dosing cup is just cherry on top. If you were on the fence: just order the Niche. You will not be disappointed! To Martin and team: Thank you for creating such a great product!

Laszlo Hollander

Received almost 10 days sooner than expected. Silent, efficient and impeccably gorgeous. My wife loves it, the kitchen looks better. After the first coffee with Niche, it was full of flavor, compraring to my Graef. Want to send big thanks to the whole team, for their efficiency and the excellent response to all our requests! PS. Adding the NFC is truly a nice touch!


What! November shipping? Nope, got it in mid October. What a beautiful machine and so quiet. Still dialing it in but so far I love it.

Steven Foiles

Just received my midnight black US model Niche Zero yesterday! It is very well built! The AeroPress I made with it was cafe level quality. If you’re on the fence, and can afford it, I would highly recommend this grinder. I’m not sure if I had trouble sleeping last night because of the caffeine, or excitement to make my next cup :)

Eric Thomas

received my niche zero today from November lot (US). Looks very beautiful and OMG, the espresso came out soooooo goood. thanks Martin and Niche team !!

porpan suetrong

I received my Niche last Friday and I can’t stress enough how much satisfied I am with this beautiful grinder. Totally worth the wait! Thank you so much Martin and the whole Niche team?

Vojtech Bin

Just received my Niche. Read instructions, unpacked and dialled in first dose of dark roast cafe Francais. Setting 15. (Guess) 16g in 38g liquid out. perfect for me ! Will now try my single origin Guatemala elephant (Whittards) dark roast. Should be a finer dose. What a superb machine, quiet, easy to use and the grind cup is so good for me to use with a Gaggia New Classic. VST. basket and naked portafilter. Thanks to all. I’m really going to enjoy using this excellent machine.

Geoff Hearn

Hey, just received my niche and ran a couple of tests, very happy with the grind quality and speed!

Nick Humphries

Just received my Niche last week. I went from the built in grinder on my breville barista express to the Niche and the results are night and day. My pour overs now look like all the coffee gurus on youtube, and my espresso is tasting fantastic! For the longest time this hobby frustrated me, my last grinder was so inconsistent. The Niche helps me stay consistent and accurately make little grind adjustments that actually do something now lol. Thank you so much for the great product!


Received my October US order yesterday and it has been great. I am pulling better shots out of my Gaggia than I ever have before and the Niche Zero is so nice to use. Thank you!

Eric Boone

Two days ago I received my Niche. It was supposed to be in October. Great thing this grinder. It is very beautiful and made qualitatively. They had it perfectly. I am very happy, thank you for such a great product !!!!!!!!!

Artur Wojtowicz

Got my Niche Zero 2 days ago, it is awesome and seems to grind beautifuly, no issues.

Bogdan Lalu

My UK order was delivered this morning – what a machine! By my 3rd shot the espresso was dialed in perfectly, a real pleasure to use. Thank you to all of the Niche team!

Ollie Buchanan

Received the Niche Zero today. What a great grinder, love the work flow. I am also pleased to find that it came with a flow control disc already installed.

Peter Cleary

Congratulations on a very fine grinder. It is such a pleasure to use not just a functional item, but also a very good looking piece of equipment.


Just pulled 1st dialed in shot with my new Black USA Niche. What a revelation in grind consistency. The grinder is beautiful, functional and fits my workflow perfectly. Well done Martin!

Stewart Epstein

Just got my white USA Niche. Cannot believe how quiet and efficient and generally beautiful it is. Even the wood smells freshly cut. Makes my morning espresso workflow so pleasant. Congrats to Martin for creating a highly functional work of art.

Daniel Shafer

I received my September batch white Niche Zero on September 1st! Beautiful design, perfect functionality, and amazing grind quality. It’s extremely easy to adjust and dial in, plus I love the soft grumble it makes as it grinds. After the second grind I achieved zero retention: 18g in, 18g out. If you’re considering the Niche Zero, I highly recommend it!

bill gurske

Very happy with my Niche Zero! Looks amazing on the countertop, makes great coffee, quiet and minimal cleanup.

Adam Mansir

The design is awesome and it just feels so solid and precise in how you adjust the grind settings and the materials chosen. Even that little cup is awesome. It showed me how bad my previous grinder was right away. I over-shot and ground so fine my poor espresso machine struggled to push water through. And a great win on the home front was my wife’s amazement at the quite operation. Great product!

Scott Gobrogge

The Niche Zero is everything I thought it would be and more. I am proud, pleased, and humbled by such a great product and great service. Thanks to everyone who made the Nice Zero possible!

Stephen Manis

I couldn’t be happier with this little grinder. It makes brewing coffee so much more fun and practical. With my wife and I liking different types of espresso, a single dose grinder was the way to go. I love the near zero retention, low noise level, form factor, and consistency this gives me. I haven’t had it for very long, but I can’t see myself living without one of these in my life. Thanks so much for making this product. Your product definitely filled a void in the grinder space.

David Soule

Just got my Niche today and it is simply a work of art. Really quiet, consistent grind and fast enough. Did I say? REALLY QUIET! Thank you so much!

Buzoi Alin

Got my grinder today already! Wow such a pleasure to work with and I am so impressed with the build quality! Thank you so much!

Sebastian Bergman

Just got my Niche! Super quiet, way quieter than I expected. Also a perfect fit for grinding straight into a Flair portafilter. Amazing product thanks a lot!

Derek Liu

Got my Niche yesterday, it’s a night and day difference with my last grinder. Such a beautiful product you guys have made, my compliments and thanks.

Tansu Madencioglu

Pulled my first three shots and was amazed how awsome it looks, how quite it is and how good the shots were. Absolutely awesome and worth the wait. Thanks to all you guys at Niche and good luck for the future.

Philipp Berger

Amazing grinder. The quality of grinding is 10 steps above my sette 270. I cleaned it after 1Kg of coffee and only 0.45g were inside the grinder (some stuck on some screws & rotation thingy, others on burrs). Unbelievably low total retention. 0 grind-to-grind retention.


Received mine a few days ago. Using it with a humble Breville Barista Express. The difference it makes to the taste compared to the Express’s inbuilt grinder is amazing. Many thanks.

David Pentecost

What a beautiful machine. So much quieter than my last grinder and I finally feel like I’m making good espresso. Worth the wait!

Bradley Christensen

Just got my black US Niche. What a pleasure! I’m embarrassed to say I like the work flow, ease of dialing in and size of my Niche Zero almost more than my Ceado E37S (at 3X the price of the Niche). Yeah, the Ceado has 83mm flat burs, can keep up with commercial demands but it wastes coffee when using different coffees, have to purge it once a day (at least). I’m not sorry I bought it, but I’m REALLY not sorry I got the Niche Zero. Very Well Done Martin!

Bruce Kobrin

So simple, so beautiful, so good!! I make pour overs and flair espressos and am able to switch back and forth between the two settings on a daily basis. This is amazing!

Max Lee

A little happytime story for you: I was determined to up my coffee game when my old machine conked in April. Ordered a new espresso machine, with no pressurized baskets and nowhere to hide on technique. I was beyond frustrated with my inability to get a proper shot. My Niche Zero arrived yesterday and I found out I wasn’t the problem, it was my old grinder. Every shot I’ve pulled using the Niche has been delicious, and dialling in was so simple. Sincerest thanks from possibly overcaffeinated me.

Orla Houlihan

Got my Pure White EU August shipping today morning. Brilliant timing for the first shot of the day. I’m super happy with the results so far.

Swen König

PERFECT in person even more elegant than expected. Brilliant design and robust build, solid and very reassuring. When I felt the weight and flicked the switch I felt immediately relieved and confident that all grinder inadequacies had been solved. Operation is effortless, burrs grinding quietly and sedately, giving consistent, reliable results. Consistent feels nice…reliable feels so nice. And the wood, even the lid. This is class. This is a classic. Well done. Bravo Martin. Thank you!

Laurence Baxter

This machine is “Der Hammer” as i would say in german. Thank you for this machine! Today we had the best espresso ever!

Christoph Büch

Just got mine today and I can already tell the difference from my old Breville. The Niche is a huge step upwards! Thank you for making such an amazing machine Martin. And shout out to James for responding to my email quickly

Salvador Velazquez

I don’t have words to describe how good this grinder is. My first espresso pull was better than any shots I had ever pulled with a Sette or ROK grinder. My second shot was better than the vast majority of specialty coffee shops. Upgrading to a Niche from a Sette is like moving from grocery store coffee to freshly ground coffee for the first time. It is that good.

Victor Silva

My Niche Zero arrived today! I am really happy. Unboxing it was already a pleasure! The grinder is nice and silent, doesn’t spill, everything feels solid and the espresso tastes great. I am still finding the best setting for my Sidamo but I can already say that this is a huge upgrade compared to my Mahlkoenig Vario – and it costs the same.

Job ter Haar

Thanks for this amazing grinder, could not believe the difference in grind consistency and how silent it is compared to my old grinder. Built like a tank too!


Thanks for this fantastic grinder, Martin! I had previously used an Eureka MCI and always reweighed the grinded beans. The espresso tastes much better now, is reproducible and the fine adjustment is incredibly precise. For me as an ambitious home barrista, this is really the perfect grinder.

Buger Manfred

Got my Niche Zero a couple days ago. Dialed in after a few pulls. The grinding consistency is very good. About 0.4g rentention from very first grind. Following grinds has about 0.1g. I’m happy with it so far. Nice job with the grinder.

Kasper Duong

Received mine today. So beautiful! Second espresso shot: 18g in, 36 out in 28s…no more throwing away the good stuff. Nothing more to say…

Robert Fickel

Got it today! First espresso not even dialed in and much better then the one I had in the morning using my old grinder!

Bogdan Radu

Got my grinder yesterday. Very impressed so far, a superb machine!

Anders Runnholm

I have recieved my grinder today, and I am impressed… Not only by the grinder itself, but also with packaging and the information sheet with instructions. Also the steel cup is very heavy and solid. Thank you, well done!

Filip Kostka

Just received my unit. Well worth the wait. Thank you for engineering such a beautiful little machine.

Daan Akse

Just got my grinder last week and am loving it. Excellent job Martin, the effort + care you put into this project really shine through in the end result!

David Yeager

Received my black Niche Zero today. Dialled it in roughly, assuming I’d need a few attempts, but it led to a perfect coffee on the first go. Looks great in my kitchen and the team couldn’t have been friendlier in dealing with my order and keeping me updated. Oh, it’s also extremely compact and very quiet. I’d recommend the Niche Zero to anyone!

John L

Just received mine in record time. Couldn’t be more delighted with it! It’s a million times better than my old Rocky. I can actually dial in shots now and most importantly the espresso is much better

Nigel Brookes

My Niche arrived to Poland very fast. I’m impressed by the quality and ease of use. Dialing in grinder for espresso or V60 is not a problem.

Filip Wardziński

Still very happy with the grinder after 6 months complementing my Dalla Corte Studio.


I am so happy with this grinder. Thanks a lot for making such a nice product.

Daniel Vidal Rubio

I received my Niche Zero yesterday. Very fast shipping and delivery, within two days! I ground my first coffee yesterday and, what a difference, much faster, quieter, less mess, no retention, and most important better tasting coffee!


Had mine for almost a year with no issues. Appreciate the ability to change between Espresso and drip settings with confidence. The minimal retention is also a great attribute. Look forward to many years of trouble free service.

Bill Barrett

I received mine a few weeks ago to replace a Mini Mazzer. It’s making a fantastic job and changed my coffee daily routine forever. Not only I feel better results in the cup but it’s so practical to use I am now facing coffee over-consumption … Thank you for this wonderful grinder !


NZ has arrived! One month wait seemed like an eternity. I have already put a couple of pounds through it. At the end, it is a simple concept, high precision machine. Once dialed in, you forget about it. What you put through comes out precisely ground. As intended. Very happy with it!

fabiano lopes

The NZ is replacing my HAND grinder. It is not supporting a fancy Xpresso machine . It is enabling us to make quality filter/espresso/latte while trying out beans left and right from different roasters – with ease. I am very excited! I really love the form factor and the workflow!

Joe So

just received mine yesterday and after a very quick and easy dialing in i can already tell how much better the nz is than my previous grinder. i was able to pick up taste notes i didn’t get before. so happy with my purchase!

Erick Mangali

Received my Niche yesterday. The first few cups of coffee have come out great already, even though I haven’t finally dialed it in yet. A wonderful product, quiet, simple, elegant. Shipping was also very fast and securely packaged. Only thing I dislike is the always on LED light, but that’s nothing compared to the benefits and I would highly recommend it as is. Thanks Martin for a high-quality, truly user-friendly product at a fair price!

Calvin Bartel

Almost zero negatives and all positives on this grinder in the comments. Nearing 8 months of daily use now and I can gladly say I couldn’t have asked for anything better. I had a budget of 2x the cost of this grinder but I wouldn’t have been satisfied with any but this – unless I spend 4-6x on one of the handmade titans but I’ll pass on that for a few years. Even then it’s a minuscule difference compared to the Niche. Wish you all the best of luck and I hope everyone enjoys their grinders!

Ali Al Rahma

I’ve had mine a year alongside a Decent Espresso DE1 Pro. Single dosage with pre-weighed beans is perfect for home users and the adjustments give repeatable and reliable results. The DE1 lets you know the flow rate and pressure at the puck so its easy to tell when things are right. I wouldn’t swap the Niche for anything. Maybe the next project should be a more industrial model with hopper and weight facility? But for home users the current one is perfect.

Peter Brunskill

I don’t think that I have ever been so pleased with anything else I ever bought. I could spend much more money on a grinder. I simply wanted to replace my Rancilio Rocky with the best grinder that suited single dosing. I have been looking for years. I am beyond pleased. The design is a marvel. The function is exquisite. It looks so cool. Just get one!

Don Wilcox

I’d been trawling the net comparing grinders (this & others) as I usually have 2 or 3 beans on the go and single dosing works for me. So read a lot of stuff on forums and watched vids, so bit the bullet and bought one. Had the grinder a week now and I’m blown away with it. My coffee that I previously thought was the ‘beans’ is now stunning, can’t believe the difference the Niche has made. After contacting James to clarify some burr settings, I now use the grinder for french press also.

Tony Bates

After my second consumer grade espresso grinder broke down, probably because it was not designed to handle the home roasted high grown beans I fed it with, I searched for an affordable but awesome grinder. The Niche Zero is it. Even my friends and family immediately noticed the difference. The bitter notes in the brew are gone. The grounds are super consistent. I just love the fact that no beans are wasted. Changing the grind from fine to coarse and back is soo easy. Couldn’t be happier!

Ola Svedin

I have just received Niche No 2 for our summer house. Cannot fault this piece of kit – beautiful design; robust and great ground coffee. Very clever people you are…

Richard Max

Received my Niche back in March. When ordering the grinder, I was worried that may not notice a difference from my Rocky (despite what everyone is saying). The difference is HUGE. The only looser is a coffee shop next door as there is no point of me ever ever going there now :) 3 Months have passed and I am still quite excited. Thank you, Martin! This is such an awesome product.

Ivan Titov

Overall I love this grinder. I’ve now had it since April and even my wife pointed out how much better brews taste. So much so she’s started making coffee at home instead of going to the local coffee shop.

Grady Barrett

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