About Niche Coffee

The Inventor

Delicious coffee can only be achieved with high quality, freshly ground coffee. Historically, most electric coffee grinders were designed for commercial environments. Back in 2014, Martin Nicholson (founder) identified that these coffee grinders were unsuitable for home use because they were big and noisy, but most importantly retained too much ground coffee, resulting in stale tasteless brews. Understanding this, Martin embarked on a mission to create a single dose, zero retention coffee grinder to revolutionise the domestic coffee experience. With this, Niche Coffee was born.

Leading the revolution

Over the course of the next 4 years, we set out to bring the vision to life, assembling a small close-knit team. A combination of technical engineering and development of over 30 prototypes resulted in the ground-breaking Niche Zero Grinder.

Using Indiegogo to fund the initial manufacturing, we were extremely grateful and proud of the support the Niche Zero received from the coffee community - turning a dream into reality.

Chapter Duo

The coffee community was clear about what they wanted next, and we listened. Working closely with industry leading experts we developed the Niche Duo - a flat burr grinder, encapsulating the key benefits of the much loved Niche Zero.

We identified that different burr types excelled at specific brewing methods and delivering different taste profiles. However, the traditional process of changing burrs is difficult and delivers inconsistent results. The Niche Duo’s patented design provides a unique and simple way to switch between burr sets and optimise the grinder for any brewing method.

Driving us forward

We are dedicated to the pursuit of innovation and knowledge. Our ambition is to continue developing outstanding products that are simple to use, while deepening our collaborations with the coffee community. We are committed to the promise that everything we do must provide real, long-term value.

As a valued customer, you can be confident that we will continue to create timeless products that are built to stand the test of time.

What we value

Niche Coffee is built on 4 core values.


We believe that good coffee should be deliciously simple - making coffee should be a joy not a task! All features in our products are carefully considered to maintain the best quality without compromising the ease of use.

High Quality

Build quality and performance are hugely important to us. We are serious about building products that deliver excellent quality ground coffee time after time. Our promise to you is quality that you can rely on for years to come!


We are dedicated to exploring new and innovative ways to help our customers make phenomenal coffee. We want to inspire coffee lovers across the world, regardless of skill and experience, to get the best out of their coffee.


We are proud to be a small family run company and are overwhelmed by the incredible support from the coffee community. As a small, close-knit team we strive to provide our customers with quality products and great service.

The Niche Coffee team

We are a small team of highly enthusiastic coffee lovers who have come together with a united vision to make outstanding coffee grinders that deliver exquisite coffee as simply as possible.

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