Price & Shipping

1. What is the value of the Niche Zero Grinder?

RRP of £499  on our Indiegogo InDemand campaign.

2. Is shipping included?
Shipping, handling and other local charges vary from country to country. Please select your reward tier on the Indiegogo site to see more information about the shipping costs relevant to your country. Please be aware that we cannot mark any shipments as gifts or samples, due to legal reasons. Please see below for more on taxes and custom duties.
3. Who pays taxes & custom duties?
Campaign contributors are responsible for any taxes or customs duties levied by their own countries.
4. What countries do we ship to?

Currently we can deliver to UK, Europe, Norway, Switzerland, Australia and USA. 

5. Can I buy replacement burrs?
Replacement burr sets will be available.
6. Plugs and voltage for the Niche Zero Grinder?
UK contributors will be supplied with a Niche Zero Grinder fitted with a 230v/50Hz motor and UK plug. Rest of European Union contributors will be supplied with a Niche Zero Grinder fitted with a 230v/50Hz motor and Euro plug. USA contributors will be supplied with a Niche Zero Grinder fitted with a 120v/60Hz motor and USA plug. Australia contributors will be supplied with a Niche Zero Grinder fitted with a 230v/50Hz motor and Australian plug.


1. What burrs does the Niche Zero Grinder use?
The Niche Zero Grinder will be supplied with premium grade hardened steel 63mm conical burrs.
2. Can you easily access the burrs for cleaning?
It is easy to access the burrs by simply unscrewing and removing the top bean funnel.
3. Is your grind setting lost when cleaning the burr set?
You can keep your grind setting when cleaning. Simply note where the grind dial is set, unscrew and remove the bean funnel, clean the burrs and grind chamber. Replace the bean funnel and screw clockwise until finger tight, then unscrew the bean funnel anti-clockwise back by about half a turn to your original set point.
4. What is dose consistency?
We define dose consistency as the difference between the weight of coffee beans you put into the grinder and the weight of the ground coffee you get out of the grinder when grinding is finished.
5. What is the dose consistency of the Niche Zero Grinder?
Independent testing confirms a dose consistency with a variation of less than +/- 0.2g of grind. This was tested with a range of coffees and roast levels.
6. What is the approximate grinding speed of the Niche Zero Grinder?
1.5g/s fine (espresso), 1.8g/s medium (chemex), 2.1g/s coarse (French press).
7. What motor does the Niche Zero Grinder use?
We use a permanent magnet DC motor.
8. Does the Niche Zero Grinder have a hopper?
The Niche Zero Grinder is designed for single dosing. We have designed it with no hopper so you can keep your beans fresh in their bag. You then only have to weigh out the beans you need ground for your next recipe, confident that the grind will be as fresh as the beans you use.
9. What is the paint finish on the Niche Zero Grinder?
The paint finish is powder coated, which is tough and has remained unstained over more than two year’s heavy testing with oily coffees.
10. Does the Niche Zero Grinder have step-less or stepped grind adjustment?
The Niche Zero Grinder has an infinite step-less adjustment, giving you a very high degree of grind size control.
11. Have you tested the Niche Zero Grinder with a variety of beans?
We have used a wide variety of bean types and the Niche Zero Grinder consistently ground them all to a high standard.
12. Will the Niche Zero Grinder launch with a choice of different woods?
For logistical reasons, we are only able to produce solid oak user interchangeable feet and panels at launch. However, we plan to offer different wood types in the future.
13. What is the max weight of beans the Niche Zero Grinder will grind?

The Niche Zero Grinder’s bean funnel can hold and grind 50g of coffee beans into the grind cup.

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